Discover Amazing Health Benefits of Apples

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Health Benefits of Apples

An apple a day keeps a doctor away was not coined in vain. Apples seem to have taken a back seat with plenty of other “healthy fruits” hogging the limelight. However, never underestimate the power of apples.

Coming in bright colors like green and deep red, these fruits look delightfully amazing. Their juicy sweet flavor can stimulate and tease your taste buds like no other. Apart from this, apples have several nutrients in the right amounts. This will help your body utilize the available nutrients in a very effective manner.

Read Some Interesting Facts about Apples

Weight Loss

Did you know that apples are extremely effective in helping you lose extra weight? Surprised? Well, apples are particularly rich in fiber, a nutrient that fills up your stomach rapidly. When you consume an apple before a meal or when you are feeling hungry, you are providing your body with the right type of nutrients with very limited calories.

An apple is known to provide just about 56 calories, making it a low-calorie fruit with umpteen health benefits. You can also use appvalley to get free all paid app on your mobile. Fiber fills up your stomach, preventing you from taking an extra serving.

This will prevent you from feeding your body with extra calories, in turn helping you lose weight. Replace your high-calorie snacks or unhealthy junk foods with a couple of apples. Grab an apple and munch around whenever you are hungry.

Fights Cancer

Did you know that apples are one of the richest sources of flavanols, an antioxidant that helps ward off free radicals? The latter is responsible for triggering the growth and formation of cancerous cells in the body.

They even cause several degenerative changes and are the primary reason for causing various types of disease and illnesses. By eating apples, you are successfully warding off all the aforementioned ailments. Antioxidants will also help you maintain clear wrinkle-free skin and prevent premature aging.

Improves Physical Stamina

Apples are rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that is known for improving physical stamina many-fold. It improves your body’s ability to utilize energy efficiently, increasing your physical strength and endurance.

Rich in vitamin C

While citrus fruits are often complimented for their high vitamin C content, did you know that apples are good sources of vitamin C too? These vitamins are required for fighting off microorganisms.

They also boost your immune system, helping it ward off several diseases and illnesses. Vitamin C also promotes healthy gum formation and provides a protective layer of collagen to your body, speeding up the process of wound healing.

Decreases Cholesterol

Apples are completely devoid of saturated fats, making them an extremely healthy alternative for those fighting cholesterol related issues. Apart from this, apples are very rich sources of fiber.

The latter bind with excess cholesterol molecules in the body and effectively dispose of them out of the body. Therefore, by consuming apples regularly, you are providing your body with natural “cholesterol scavengers” that are ready to throw these deadly substances out of your body.

You can eat apples as a whole fruit or mix them up with a variety of other fruits to prepare a delicious looking fruit salad. Munch them whenever you feel hungry and reap the enormous nutritious benefits these fruits bring along.

You've read Discover Amazing Health Benefits of Apples, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.