PicCell Wireless is an energetic and enthusiastic company who uses their energy and youth wisely. In 2002, our operations started out with only one network provider. We currently offer local customer and service all around the world and in more than 25 countries. . Our mission was to better serve our customers that aren’t paid much attention to by the wireless industry’s giant monolith, namely students who are studying overseas and international travelers. We aren’t focused on obtaining the majority of the wireless mobile phone business the way that the large national wireless providers are. We specialize in providing wireless mobile phone solutions for those who travel internationally.

It was our intention to make it affordable and easy for anybody to have and use a wireless mobile phone device while they are overseas. Our wireless company has become partners with overseas networks to offer more competitive and convenient wireless service and products to students who are studying overseas and international travelers. Our wireless company provides many of the same benefits of local wireless mobile phone services by taking on the challenge of providing short term and flexible contracts for all international travelers. Therefore, by delivering customer care and clear billing that you come to expect from an American company, we also act as a filter between our individual customers and the foreign national networks.

We focus on meeting the wireless telephony requirements of students who are studying abroad and international travelers. Our wireless mobile phone customers are people who are frequently traveling to multiple countries in one trip, or become temporary residents of countries overseas abroad, rather than simply everyday people. Their wireless mobile phone requirements are equal to, or in many cases even greater than those that are served by local foreign networks. Our wireless mobile phone customers need to remain in contact with their fellow business travelers as well as with their family and friends. With the services of our wireless company, our customers will have a more local wireless mobile phone experience while they are staying in touch.

PicCell has introduced the PicCell application mobile phone solution for affordable communications overseas by permitting unlimited calling to more than 30 countries from anywhere in the world. This PicCell Wireless application is currently available on the Google Play and iTunes store for free download. These unlimited plans available for purchase on our company’s website at piccellwireless.com.

PicCell Wireless data plans will also keep international travelers connected on Tumblr, LinkedIn, Wikr, Pinterest, Instagram, Kik, Snapchat, iMessage, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Our wireless mobile phone rates are dependent upon the home service country and area of our customer’s calling plan. Please see the Services and Products section on our company’s website to obtain the rates for particular home service regions.

PicCell Wireless offers many different flexible shipping options. Round trip shipping is included within the continental United States if notice is provided a minimum of two weeks before our customer’s departure date. If the notice is provided less than two weeks prior to the date our customer’s request delivery, rush shipping fees may apply. However, confirmed orders can be shipped within days to an address in the United States. Shipping to a hotel overseas, school or hotel is also available.

If our customers plan on using your wireless mobile phone device, they might save some money by renting an additional SIM card if they intend to spend more than a few days in any country other than their home service area. The additional SIM card will also reduce the roaming use and provide a similar calling plan to be used in that country. PicCell Wireless customers might want to consider subscribing to the optional renters insurance, which covers 60% of broken, stolen, or lost rental wireless mobile phones. This insurance can also be added to a contract after activation.

If Our PicCell Wireless customers already own a tri-quad band (unlocked) GSM phone, then that can you may simply rent a SIM card for use abroad. In order to make sure that their wireless mobile phone is unlocked, they should contact the issuing network of their wireless mobile phone.

Certain wireless mobile phone providers will lock a GSM mobile phone so that users can’t use foreign SIM cards. For instance, a locked phone from Company B will not be able to read a SIM card from Company A. To use foreign SIM cards wireless mobile phone users must request an unlock code for your phone from their wireless mobile phone provider. However, be aware that not all wireless mobile phone providers will issue an unlock code.

PicCell service does not require refilling prepaid minutes and offers unlimited wireless mobile phone service. In addition, there are no contract term requirements. PicCell Wireless customers can tailor the duration of their contract to fit their precise travel plans.

With few exceptions, the PicCell Wireless mobile phones will work in countries other than their customer’s home service region. However, they should be advised that they will be subject to roaming rates once they leave their home service region. For details, see roaming rates of your home calling area, where available. The wireless mobile phone must also have the network bandwidth compatibility necessary for operation and be within reach of GSM service. For instance, a PicCell rental class A or A+ (dual band mobile phone) might not work in some countries, whereas a PicCell rental class B (tri-band mobile phone) won’t work in all Asian Countries but will work in all European countries. Potential customers should contact PicCell Wireless for details with regard to the compatibility of wireless PicCell mobile phones when roaming.

PicCell Wireless has also become partners with iNext in an effort to allow our customers to stay in touch. All iNext Cardholders are provided with a free rental of a local Sim card and wireless PicCell mobile phone for their destination country. Immediately following their enrollment, each participant will receive an email immediately with instructions on how to redeem this offer.

Some of the details of this offer include:

*The Inclusion of a free wireless PicCell mobile phone charger for the destination country.
*The wireless mobile phone can be shipped to the customer prior to them leaving the United States, or shipped to their destination. Shipping to them in the European or United States study destinations is discounted if it is ordered a minimum of two weeks in advance.
*A prepaid credit of $20 is required one time.
*The customer will only pay for the calls they make, without any daily or monthly fees.
*There isn’t any $59.90 security deposit and no activation fee. In many countries, incoming texts and calls are free.
*For traveling in the future the customer may keep the wireless mobile phone. Free Sim card and brand new International wireless mobile phone rental.

While our PicCell customers are using their wireless PicCell mobile phone in their home service region incoming calls are free for most calling packages. Unless otherwise noted, even calls from the United States are free. Potential customers should see the calling plan for their desired home calling region for details.