The incoming rate for USVN calls to PicCell customers is much less expensive than using Skype and doesn’t require a Skype account, any third-party software or even a computer and headset. Unlike Skype calls, USVN calls can be made from any mobile phone in the U.S. Beating the rates that Skype charges is really a big deal. Frequently Skype is the solution for inexpensive internet calls. However, after considering the Skype rates for calls to wireless mobile phones overseas, we at PicCell have determined that there was an opportunity to do better for our customers. We are dedicated to providing the most economical wireless communication solutions for our customers while they are abroad, and the USVN is a very inexpensive means for their family and friends at home in the U.S. to reach them.

The promotional USVN rate plan has been launched in 11 popular destinations, beating Skype to mobile calls from the U.S. in the Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, France, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom, with an average savings of 7% per minute. For example, as compared to a wireless mobile phone call in Mexico made on our PicCell mobile phone service, our customers can receive a USVN on their mobile phone in Mexico, and save nearly five cents per minute.

PicCell uses a unique combination of high speed image analysis and powerful wet dispersion that is optimized for online applications. Our wireless company offers a reliable and inexpensive wireless mobile phones to students who are studying abroad and for world travelers. The CEO of our wireless company is Brandon Ferrante who has a wide range of expertise in international communications. At PicCell, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality wireless mobile phones. We are an international communications company that concentrates on mobile service overseas. Brandon Ferrante has established himself as an authority in the international communications industry and is an expert in wireless commination services.

PicCell Wireless is an international communications company that concentrates on wireless mobile service abroad. PicCell Wireless has become an industry leader by offering specialized services and products that are specifically intended for international travelers. When traveling around the world, it is important to have reliable wireless communications. That is the primary reason that PicCell provides wireless mobile phones that it is just as easy to communicate while abroad as it is to call home. PicCell Wireless offers their customers the ability to receive a phone call with a number that is local to the intended destination, before departure. In most countries, upon arrival, the PicCell customer can receive free wireless mobile phone calls. Calls received by PicCell Wireless customers aren’t charged exorbitant roaming fees.

Also our customer service operators are ready to answer questions in numerous languages that include English. The PicCell website is also a great resource for customers who need answers to their questions. PicCell Wireless customers aren’t tied down to plans with set minimum use requirements. Our customers have the capability to define when they want to discontinue their service as well as the period of time they would like to use the phone for their trip abroad. In the world of mobile communication, PicCell offers a truly unique product. This wireless company is proud to be part of the Platform3000 communications and travel service network. Additional information about our products and services at PicCell is available on our company’s website at