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It was over three decades ago when D.P. Palmer started to specialize in the renovation and creative painting of unique homes in classic greater metropolitan Seattle neighborhoods. Our painting and renovation company has no problem providing our customers with references for our work. We understand that our customers need to be able to trust their contractors. This is the reason that we ensure that our customers are provided given every opportunity to not only speak to our references but also shown onsite visits if required. All of our painting and renovation work is pure craftsmanship.

D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration provides painting and restoration services in Seattle that are also affordable. We only employ professional painters who enjoy their work. We understand how important your business or home is to our customers. That is the reason that guarantee their 100% satisfaction.
Our products and services include flooring, siding, house painting, commercial painting, and many other types of restoration work. We are a painting team in Seattle that you can trust. D.P. Palmer painting and restoration can handle any painting or restoration job. We offer an expert painting team at reasonable rates.

When considering the ideal painting team in Seattle, consider D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration. We understand that our customers expect the very best painting and restoration services and that is exactly what we give them. The ideal Seattle painter has the skills and experience to complete your painting project confidently. The ideal painting team in Seattle has transparent rates, properly prepares the job site, is always prompt, and helps bring their customers painting project to completion so that it can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration is continually making every effort to be the best painting and restoration team possible. We can handle every phase of the painting or restoration process from selecting colors to having our painting arrive at the customer home in Seattle on time, to successfully completing the job better that and other painting and restoration contractor. We also offer a 30% discount to senior citizens and have 30 years of experience. D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration can handle any painting or restoration job in Seattle. We offer an expert painting team at affordable rates.

Improve the look of your office or home with our professional exterior and interior painting services. We provide excellent craftsmanship through hard work and integrity. Our professional painters are insured, bonded and licensed. We only use the finest painting and restoration materials that are upgraded above contractor grade standards. We specialize in painting commercial and residential exteriors and interiors. We provide long lasting, high quality paint finishes. The vast majority of our painting and restoration work comes from referrals from satisfied customers. We provide timely and prompt completion of all painting and restoration work. It is very important to us to complete a painting or restoration job on time and within budget.

Basically there are two common kinds of paint available, which are oil and latex. Before our customers make a decision on which kind of paint is best for their painting project, there are several different things that need to be taken into consideration. In addition, there are also different paint finishes available. It is important for our customers to understand these finishes to help them to determine which paint is best for their requirements.

An oil-based paint will usually adhere to the majority of surfaces even when used over other kinds of paint. However, as the result of the strong odor, oil-based paints require strong ventilation. Also, oil-based paints are rather slow to dry. Paint thinner or turpentine might be required if thinning is necessary.

There are several advantages of water-based paint, latex paints. They are easy to clean up after, requiring only soap and water, and have practically no odor. However, water-based, latex paint doesnt adhere very well when used over previously painted, glossy surfaces. Rather than using paint thinner or turpentine, water can be used if thinning is required.

D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration understands that selecting the right color is important regardless if the interior of the house or a portrait is being painted. Painting isn’t always as easy as simply selecting a color that may or may not look the same after it has been applied. Sometimes a paint that has dried on a surface will nothing like it did in the can. Occasionally, there may be times when the exact color required for a particular painting job simply isnt available. Therefore, there are benefits to mixing paints together, regardless of the reason.

The ability to create custom colors is one of the primary benefits of mixing paint together. There are many different reasons to do this. If the exact match to an unusual shade of color is unavailable, the ability to combine two or more colors together might allow for exact matching od the desired color. However, this requires experience on how to combine different colors by using a color wheel in order to obtain a specific color. However, creating unique, custom colors isn’t the only reason to mix colors together. If only the primary colors are available, they can be combined in order to create the basic paint colors. For instance, combining blue and red together will yield purple, while combining blue and yellow together will yield green.


DP Palmer Painting

DP Palmer Painting and Restoration Services have been proudly offering painting, restoration, and design services in the Renton, Bellevue, and Seattle areas for several years. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority. Prior to us beginning work, it is critical that our customers are completely satisfied with our design of their space.

Our painters are bonded, insured, and licensed and have many years of painting experience in large and small Seattle painting projects. In order to make sure that our customers are satisfied with every last detail of their painting project, we work very closely with our customers. We will make sure that our customers painting experience is problem free, whenever they hire DP Palmer Painting and Restoration for their exterior or interior painting, commercial design, painting requirements, or wall restoration requirements. We will personally remove all of the furniture and other items from the spaces to be painted with the utmost care, doing all of the heavy lifting for you, and packaging all of your fragile objects. You can be confident that your carpets and floors will be completely protected and that our professional painters will work confidently to make sure that they provide the highest quality of work. We never rush a commercial or residential painting job. We will use the absolute best quality tool, equipment, and paint to complete our customers painting requirements to their complete satisfaction. We will never leave any materials, stains, or tools behind for our customers to have to clean up. Our customers satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we will always stand behind our work.

DP Palmer Painting and Restoration offers sound painting management. We will go to the job site every day to ensure that the customers painting project is running smoothly. Should any problems or questions surface, we will immediately provide the solution. Our managers are professionals, college trained, and have several years of hands on personal experience in the painting industry in Seattle.

Our secret sales tool is honesty and transparency. Our painting estimated are based on our years of painting experience, and our estimates never change. In order to win a painting project, many unscrupulous or inexperienced painters will frequently bid low and then try to renegotiate for a higher price and cite unforeseen problems. We understand the distrust will sour a business relationship quicker than anything else. We have an A-Plus rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) at DP Painting and Restoration. We are simply not your average painting company.

Our painting team in Seattle is very highly trained. Most of our painters have been with us for over ten years. We are continually training all of our painters about latest material applications and painting tools. DP Palmer has a waiting list of potential painting employees who would sincere4ly appreciate the opportunity to become a member of our painting team in Seattle.

We are your ideal painter in Seattle. Whenever you think about the near perfect painting team in Seattle, you should consider DP Palmer Restoration and Painting. We believe that you deserve the absolute best painting team for your next painting project. This means that your painting team should have the experience and skills required to complete your painting project confidently.

At DP Palmer Painting and Restoration, we have transparent painting rates. We are always prepared to do the painting job on location and will show up on time and ready to go to work. We will also be prepared to bring your painting project to completion for a lifetime of enjoyment.

We always strive to bring the ideals of our nearly perfect painting team in Seattle to our customers. You should seriously consider DP Palmer Painting and Restoration youre in Seattle and you have a painting project that needs to be completed. From selecting colors to getting a painter team out to your home in Seattle and finishing the painting job, we can handle every step better than any of our painting competitors.

DP Palmer Painting and Restoration started over 30 years ago, and specializes in the creative renovation and painting of unique homes in the classic neighborhoods of the greater metropolitan Seattle area. s. The owner and managing partner have more than 65 years hands-on painter experience in every aspect of the evolving painting industry in Seattle.

Call on us for a free estimate and free consultation for your next painting project in the greater Seattle area. We always meet with our customers at their home to adjust any problems and establish the required changes in the designs for the work that they want to accomplish. We have worked and supervised in the painting industry for numerous years with integrity and pride, and our customers can expect us to give them with a correct estimate and the best possible design.

During the past several years, we have had the privilege to return many times to the same satisfied customers for their new painting projects. We hope that we will have the opportunity to satisfy our customers. We dont employ subcontractors and all of our painting work is performed by our own employees.




DP Palmer Painting

Over 30 years ago, DP Palmer started specializing in the renovation and creative painting of unique homes in classic neighborhoods in the greater metropolitan Seattle area. The managing partner and owner have over 65 years of hands-on painting experience in every aspect of this constantly evolving industry in the Seattle area. All of the painters that we employ are highly skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work. We treat all of our painters exactly the same way that they are trained to treat our customers, which is with scrupulous focus, rare honesty, and respect that will maintain harmony in the everyday work environment.

We operate under the belief that our painting company is only as good as our last painting project. We also believe that constant communication with our customers is 99% of any painting contract. We remind ourselves daily that we are in the painting service industry and not the sales industry. That is simply a good painting business practice. When your company’s objective is sustained excellence backed by an unconditional guarantee against defects in paint materials and workmanship for seven years, the sales will take care of themselves. DP Palmer Restoration and Painting is your best choice, if you in need of a painter in the Seattle area.

Our objectives are to deliver beautiful finished painting projects in the Seattle area that will develop long term relationships with our customers by using the most skilled painting team available and being on budget and on time for a fair market cost. Our customers rang from corporate entities to affluent homeowners in exclusive neighborhoods in Seattle to retirees who are living on fixed incomes, all of whom expect professional results from their painter.

When we select venders and painting products, they must reflect our company’s values and we treat each customer with the same hands-on professional management skills and scrupulous attention to detail.

When high quality vendors, our skilled painting team, and management all believe that action, as opposed to an empty promise or a sales pitch speaks louder than words then even the most skeptical customer will develop faith in our renovation and painting process. Many of these clients become repeat customers who wouldn’t even consider using anybody but us for their painting requirements.

DP Palmer Restoration and Painting prefers to show our customers that creative painting applications will produce stunning results that will stand the test of time, rather than simply telling them what they want to hear. All of the painters that we employ give their all to ensure that your painting project becomes a reality. We expect rave reviews so we don’t provide vague recommendations for your painting project in Seattle.
The Benefits of Working with the Best Painting Team in Seattle: DP Palmer Restoration and Painting Includes:

* All of the painters that we employ are continually learning about the latest painter services and painting products. The evolution to acrylic painting from oil based painting products will dramatically increase the longevity of the paint. The use of some incredible faux designer walls, metallic paints, and elastomeric painting products can make an interior space look stunning, while actually enduring the elements offer the critical differences between semitransparent, opaque, and solid stains. There isn’t much available that any painter in Seattle that we employ hasn’t seen, and there also isn’t many painting applications we haven’t mastered. Our paint suppliers are also innovators who keep us abreast of the latest painting developments in the painting industry in Seattle.

* We will never over-book our painting schedule. There is nothing that ruins a business relationship faster than a painter who doesn’t show up. We always return phone calls and keep our appointments. We are always willing to include a completion date clause in all of our contracts and pride ourselves on completing a painting a project on time. We simply want to get to your home in the Seattle area and begin painting.

* We provide professional painting color painting consultation. Our managing partner Gary has an advanced degree in Liberal Arts and is a fine arts painter. Some of our painting projects have been reported in award winning trade journals. Recent spectacular results include the extraordinary color design of a five story condominium in downtown Seattle as well as the complex restoration and painting of the American Vacation Home of the Year. In combination with the sound application of the latest painting materials, the creative use of color can produce beautiful for virtually the same price you would spend on color schemes that fail to illuminate the architectural details of even the humblest businesses and homes. We help our customers discover the hidden color painting applications that provide the absolute best results. In addition, our color design services are included in the price of the painting project.

* We are a highly trained painting team in Seattle. Most of our painters have been employed with us for over ten years. We continually train all of our painters in the latest material applications and painting tools. DP Palmer has a waiting list of potential employees who would welcome the opportunity to become a member of our painting team in Seattle.



DP Palmer Painting

We have been serving the greater metropolitan Seattle area at D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration Services for 30 years. We are specialists in condominium, apartment, commercial, and residential painting and restoration projects. Some of our painting and restoration services include designer color matching, laminate and tile work, wall stripping and covering, water and fire damage, texturing, plaster and drywall repairs, water sealants, woodwork replacement and repair, carpentry, stucco repair, siding replacement, pressure washing, flooring, and exterior and interior painting. We also do painting and restoration insurance work. We are dependable, neat, and clean.

Working on both exterior and interior surfaces, we will paint and restore many different surfaces. Some of the structures that we have worked on in the past include custom homes, hospitals, schools, high rise commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and oil/water tanks. We are also experts in water and fire damage repair. Knowledge and experience are very important components of selecting a painting or restoration contractor.

We enjoy painting and we are very good at it. We take a great deal of pride in our work and are excellent craftsmen. Although many people can handle paint and a brush, it takes knowledge and skill to do it well. In addition, we only use the very best painting products and restoration materials. Also, whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly painting methods.

Giving the rooms in your house a fresh coat of paint is one of the best and fastest ways to remodel. We truly enjoy making that transformation happen for our customers. Our painters understand that that efficiency and cleanliness are at the top of the list for our customers, other than an excellent job well done, our painters know that cleanliness and efficiency are at the top of the list for homeowners.

We are experts at refinishing cabinetry, doors, trim, and painting. We like to use the new water-based enamels whenever possible, although we still use oil-based enamels at times. In the hands of a professional painters, the painted surface will almost appear to have been sprayed on. While many painting and restoration contractors seem to want to rush in quickly, paint the house, and be on their way, exterior paints have never been better. Our objective is to paint our customers house correctly and professionally. That way our customers wont have to worry about painting the exterior their house for a very long time. We understand that by doing a good painting or restoration job, we will be referred to other people. In fact, the vast majority of our painting and restoration work is referrals from satisfied customers.

We are also expert in deck refinishing and staining. We use specialized equipment to efficiently clean patios, walkways, driveways, and buildings. Without the need for harsh chemicals and doing the damage that conventional power washers may do, our rotary cleaners remove dirt and moss from practically any surface. Moss removal will not only prevent liability problems from somebody slipping and falling, it will also improve the looks of the homeowners property. There is absolutely no reason for homeowners to live with the slimey black, and slippery green of dirt, mildew, and moss. Our pressure washing service can take care of that problem and make the home look new again. We also do pressure washing for patios, walkways, and driveways. We can also perform sealing of concrete walkways and driveways in order to prevent damage from freezing, inhibit moss, and keep them clean. We also specialize in re-sanding pavers and repairing cracks.

At D.P. Palmer Painting and restoration, we have also done a considerable amount to work for all of the major insurance companies. Much of this work was painting, both interior and exterior, residential and commercial. However, in addition to painting we also do carpentry, texturing, drywall, and insulating work. We perform excellent brocades, textures, and drywall repairs. We have the experience and skill to match finishes, including different orange peels, textures, and brocades and remove wallpaper. We work with many different plumbing and electrical companies to repair areas that need to be repaired.

As painting and restoration contractors serving the greater metropolitan Seattle area, we have provided our painting and restoration services for warehouses, factories, condominiums, schools, offices, commercial businesses, and residential homes. We guarantee our painting and restoration services unconditionally and make every effort to provide excellent exterior and interior painting services from painting the very small projects to the very large projects in an efficient and timely manner. Our goal is to provide superior quality materials and craftsmanship to our customers. Therefore, we prioritize the proper preparation and application of all surface coatings. We are also certified in the removal of lead paint and our restoration work is done strictly in accordance with environmentally safe rules and regulations.

At D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration, we believe that a house is a form of art. For those who want to read it, the exterior color and form of the house tell a story.

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