Quite a few our customers from all over Washington State choose Portland Document Management, which is located at 2414 SW Andover St. #E140, Seattle, WA, 98106, and may be approached by telephone at (206) 686-2810 simply because our reputation of many years of offering great quality document management solutions precedes us. Our company applications offer lots of distinct cost-effective document management solutions and scanning enhancements. We even possess the capability to scan a uncomplicated Windows folder program.

The user is provided with the capability to browse a Windows file directory and pick the destination of the appropriate folder. The documentation management link has a solution that allows for the creation of custom file names rather than the default system of file naming automatically and may only use the time and date. Our experienced and well-informed professionals have the IT expertise to help you set up your documentation program like this as part of the copier installation approach.

We understand that you will be entrusting us with the most valuable assets you own, namely your company facts, anytime you work with us to create a Portland primarily based document management and scanning method for your enterprise.

There are actually a lot of positive aspects to scanning your documents, not the least of which consist of lowering the cost of managing them and improving their general safety. Other benefits of our document scanning solutions in Portland include:

* Considerable Reduction in off-site Storage Expense
* Additional Security from Document Scanning
* Elimination of Misfiled and Lost Documents
* Freeing up Physical Space in your Workplace
* Disaster and Backup Recovery for the Paper Records
* Documents are Totally Searchable and instantly accessible